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#1739 Blitz Tanker Model
#1739 Blitz Tanker Model

Late 1940's Chevrolet Blitz Wagon Fire Fightng Tanker. A typical ecample of the type of fire fighting unit crated by handyman volunteer fire fighting using this ex-military vehicle as a standing base. This model comes in a novelty scene box.

Scale: 1:50
Size: 12cm X 4.5cm X 4.7cm

A beautiful Blitz Wagon Diorama which (on the box) states that This is a tribute to the brave history of Australias volunteer bushfire fighters. The model comes with a beautifully written pamphlet explaining the origin of the vehicle and figures of the volunteer bush fighters.

Retail Price: $38.50
Our Price: $25.00 - You Save $13.50!