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#404, St Florian Keyring
#404, St Florian Keyring

Size: 1 1/2 inch (39mm) Round
Material: Bronze Antique

St. Florian Bronze Antique Key Chain

Serving as a high-ranking officer in the Roman Army, Florian was tortured and killed for refusing to renounce his Christian faith. Rejecting the Roman practice of torching Christian villages, he risked his life to extinguish blaze after blaze. In a bold challenge to his fellow soldiers, who stood poised and ready to set his body aflame, Saint Florian is believed to have exclaimed: "If you do, I will climb to heaven on the flames."
This unique keychain is dedicated to professional firefighters throughout the world, whose heroic service keeps us safe. The obverse depicts Saint Florian and a modern-day firefighter extinguishing a blaze. The design on the reverse captures the courage and commitment displayed by firefighters all over the world.
Minted in a brass alloy, this durable keychain is finished in antique bronze and comes packaged with a header card

Our Price: $9.75