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Admission Charges

The Museum reserves the right to adjust prices on special event days. The prices include additional benefits. See Events page for further information.

                       Current General Pricing as of  June 2016.





Children 2yrs to 13yrs


Family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)


Addition children  on Family Price.


Students 14yrs to 18yrs ( Student ID required)
Entry for Students not available on family Price


The Museum will not recognise pricing rates other than as detailed on

    a) this site
    b) as advertised at the Museum Entry
    c) on current advertising controled by the Museum.  

All pricing at the Museum is subject to change without notice.

We have no control over other sites or advertising which may list our pricing incorrectly. When advised of incorrect or old pricing we will contact those concerned. We are a registered charity and as a service to our visitors we keep our entry prices as low as possible. Fire Engine rides will be available at $3 per person and operate on days that drivers are available