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School Educational Tours
Each excursion to the Museum is an individual experience governed by many factors.
These may include time available for the school on their schedule allowing for travel or other venues they wish to visit on the same day. Pre and post visit activities, worksheets and activities covered on the day are dictated by the age of the children, topic being covered, whether the visit is an introduction to a unit or the culmination of a unit of work. All of these would be discussed with the organizing teacher prior to the excursion. 

The Museum has a general risk assessment which covers an excursion from our perspective but all schools are legally required to complete their own.

School risk assessment location for Museum of Fire DET Intranet Site
1.       GO TO NSW education department intranet
2.       Access on front page A-Z Directorate     
3.       Select Work Health & Safety Directorate
4.       Main menu excursions and look for Museum of Fire
Alternatively go to School Venue & Safety Information below.We provide Safety Information for this venue so you may complete your own.

Listed below are the catagories making up this section. 

Select from below or the side menu.