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Giving & Donations
The Museum of Fire Inc - Charity

Authorised to Fundraise (Charities Collections Act)
Deducitable gift Recipient (Australian Tax Office)
The Museum of Fire is a community museum. The museum is uniquely placed to educate of our families in the dangers of fire, particuarly families and children, whilst also preserving the heroic heritage of our fire services. 

Our permanent staff rely heavily on the support of our voluntary Board of Directors and our many volunteers who give selflessly to support the development and the future of the Museum.

Your Gift of money will act as a sign of support and motivate our work knowing others care. Your Gift of an object will ensure the preservation and development of a world class collection keeping it for future generations.

Each gift item is given a unique number which allows their future tracking and location.

Types of Gifts:

1)            Free Gift
Money & many small items are passed to the Museum without any intention of the Donor to seek financial or taxation benefits.  Museum documentation, however, will be in the same format as for processing Deductible Gifts.

2)            Deductible Gift
The Museum has been endorsed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR), which allows certain donations to the Museum to be claimed as a tax deduction by the donor under certain conditions.  Gifts of money totalling over $2 in any one financial year, property owned by the donor for less than 12 months, or property forming part of trading stock of a business, may be tax deductible to the donor.  It is the Donor's responsibility to comply with ATO guidelines for the valuation of any property offered.
3)            Cultural Gift
The Museum is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as a Public Museum.  This allows the value of property, which has been owned by the donor for more than 12 months, to be claimed as a tax deduction by the donor.  Such property must be valued under guidelines issued by the ATO and the Dept of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA), which require the donor to obtain valuations from Certified valuers.  The Museum may assist the donor in obtaining these valuations, but any costs are normally the donor's responsibility.  Offers of any such donations should be referred to the CEO in the first instance.
4)          Cultural Bequest
This is similar to a Cultural Gift, but refers to Testamentary Gifts which are made to the Museum as a result of a deceased persons will.  The benefits and conditions are similar to those in the Cultural Gift Program previously described.
5)        Philanthropic Gift
Similar to a Cultural Gift but processed through the Australian Valuation Office, rather than DCITA.  Any such proposed donations must also be referred to the CEO.
To comply with ATO guidelines for accepting these gifts, the Museum has set up a Museum of Fire Gift Fund to which all donations of money or property must be credited.  This fund is required to maintain a Register of Donations and a separate bank account for monetary donations, and to issue separate receipts for all such donations.  Thus any item (money or property, whether for the collection or for other use within the Museum) which is donated to the Museum must in the first instance be recorded in the Gift Fund Register. Donations made to obtain a benefit or service from the Museum (e.g. sponsorship of an exhibit) may not be allowed as gifts, but may be otherwise tax deductible for the Donor.  The Donor should be issued with a receipt which must show the Gift Funds name, a description of the donated items, and the fact that the receipt is for a gift.  It is the donors responsibility to obtain the value of such property if required.  After acceptance into the Gift Fund, the item is then passed onto the collection or otherwise dispersed, and an appropriate entry is to be made in Register to reflect the action taken.